Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bye Bye My PMR Book I'm Gonna Miss You All

Yesterday I have been so hardworking to arrange
my pmr book form 1 till form3
So fast this 3 years past..
i already sit for my pmr as well nw I'm waiting for my PMR RESULT!!
When I arrange my book tym I just realize I gt so many book I do nt do..
feeling sry to my book..haha
Since I dont have any small sibling,
I decided to give all my book to my friends and my cuzie
After few hrs arranging my books...

so neat rite..muahhahaha
feeling so proud rite nw
bye bye my book..I'm gonna miss all of you!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Holiday is kinda the boring..haiz
Everyday stay at home
But I'm going to vietnam soon..yea!!!
I'm gonna pose some picture after I come back..


Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Day Of Exam!!!

Today maybe for St.3sa girl is the most happy day but for us form 3 is still the same
I m going have my Mock PapER nEXT neXt !! haiz.....
I had my Sejarah Paper today....its nt tat hard but also nt tat easy
Just normal!!
Why in our life, there must be a HISTORY!!
If without History, WE no need to learn and memorize it like A CRAZY STUDENT!!:@

P/S : Form 3 textbook!!

LSS SeMiNAr!!! ^.^

In this seminar , we had lots of fun...hahaha...Praise and Worship!!ar!!!
this seminar last for 2 days...
actually i kinda forget already because its like one week ago since the seminar
That time I was so busy about my ya!!

The Nite Before

SoRRy fOr Posing sooooo late...
Last Friday, Val N I went to Chel HOUSE to sleepover
Wat we do on tat NiTe is just stupid...
Eventually we slept at 3o'clock in the morning and woke up at 6o'clock in the morning to go for LSS Seminar!!..:@
Miracle , we just sleep for 3 hours!!! and have to attend the seminar from 7.30 a.m till 5.30 p.m
It was sooo tired but we have lots of funs!!
This is wat we do in Chel House:~

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

By the way, Happy Birthday to Chueny!!!
Who born on de 12 July 1994...:)


Today after catholic class at 3a4, I went back to my own class ,
then my class monitor(Cynthia) came up and start to say "People
go down to music room now , we have INJECTION!!"..and I was like "ha?"
After that, i went down to music room..the nurse gave us some talks and then while waiting for
my turn, i just stand like a statue(bodoh ya la) and watch people talking.
When Mr. Teo say the next 5 people go in I m in the 5 people.
While waiting for the people(KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN) to write..suddenly Pn.Euphrasia phone ring..
and guess wat is "Love Story"song appear....haha
After that the people write something on my pink card and i went to sit near the nurse
She gave me Tetanus, at first is very painful then after tat not really as just now..but after recess my hand started to be painful...wat to do, we have to wat!!

p/s : my hand is still painful